About me

I am a woman from the Philippines with a unique history. Why unique? Because I was born with a male genitalia but grew up believing that I am woman, did my transition and everything  (I don’t have to list here the things I have done, right?)  thus making me a transgender woman. But look, that is not what I want to talk about here! To much people talking about our lives, it is just time for me to talk about other things!

Anything that I want to talk about is what you will expect here, my opinion on issues may or  may not be related to LGBT, about my country, my job, boring? How about love and sex? So now you have an idea that I might be writing b***s*** here. Who knows?  Then that’s for you to figure out.

I do online marketing for a transgender dating site, got no degree for it but I’m falling in love for it. My boyfriend introduced it to me, he is an IT genius from France and who happens to be the developer of that transsexual dating site that I am talking about (now your having a clue why I am writing my blog) “not really” actually partly yes, Why not?

I am a woman who loves to talk and because I cannot talk everyday let me put my thoughts in writing so I won’t die young not expressing my thoughts or at least exercising my freedom of speech by all means. I travel together with my boyfriend, a reason to expect stories about our trip with photos to keep you away from boredom maybe video too.

Well that’s most likely about me and my blog. My name is Maki and please to meet you!