Pinay’s first times in Hong Kong

Do you know how it feels to be question at the Hong Kong immigration office for the first time? Well of course it must be nothing for you, specially if you’re not guilty of something illegal. However mine was different, I felt I did something illegal since I was question because of my gender. My gender is not illegal and there’s nothing illegal about me. But I know there is something disconnected which makes me feel there is something wrong. I present my self in a very feminine manner and I look like a female on my passport and then my gender states “M”. I believe this is where it is disconnected. And this is because Philippines do not have a supporting law that allows us to change our gender regardless of undergoing surgery or not. I was questioned politely though, kudos to the Hong Kong immigration. Being question at the immigration office is one of my very first time in Hong Kong. Aside from experiencing 8° while on the queue for the cab, there  are more first time from me so let’s keep this moving.

Ladyboy in maki in Hong Kong2

Ladyboy Maki in Hong Kong

After visiting few tourist spots on our own, since we do not like taking tour packages (aside from expensive it’s  boring, IMHO) we finally got hungry. We went to a native dim sum place where I had my another interesting first time. It was crowded which is very typical in a native Chinese restaurant and they served tea. On the table we have three tea cups, a tea pot and one big bowl. I would’t have thought that this big bowl is used for something else other than soup. They pour an amount of tea in the bowl and soak the tea cups quickly enough to clean it. Yes! They used tea to clean the cups and the bowl serve as your basin. That is one of my great first time in Hong Kong! Very exotic! Locals said that this is commonly done in small restaurants.

Maki ladyboy in HK

Makiladyboyin HK

The day before leaving Hong Kong was very exceptional first time experience for me because my boyfriend’s childhood friend who is based in Hong Kong brought us to the place where they sell stuffs for dead people. And why is that an exceptional HK experience? Because they sell not only flowers and candles for the dead but things made out of paper like iPhones, make ups,  variety of foods even a house  not to mention some friends. What they do is they burn these paper made stuffs together with the corps. In the belief that they might need this in the next life.

iPhones, tablets, etc  made of papers.

Maki in Hong Kong

It may look real but those food and make up are made of papers.

Makiladyboyin HK1

They are not toys but  paper houses that will be burn together with the dead body.

Maki ladyboy in Hong Kong0

Oh and one more thing, most if not all of the buildings in Hong Kong are constructed with a touch of Feng shui.  

Ladyboy Maki in Hong Kong1

The hole you see in the middle of the building is not just an ordinary work of art. They believe that having the hole, positive energy will come easily.  I thought it was an architectural design not until a local told us.

Now isn’t that a unique first time experience having a glimpse of their culture despite of that nerve racking welcome from the Hong Kong immigration office, that turn out to be an awesome first ever out of the country trip!