I’m a transsexual woman, never been a boy

A lot of people are confused about transgender women denying that they were a boy before. We do not deny it because we’ve never been a boy. Now I bet you just want to stop reading thinking that I’m talking bullshit but no I’m not, I am seriously telling the truth, I have never been a boy. If only I was a boy and woke up one day wanted to become a woman then it could have been easier to make you understand. But it’s not as simple as changing what you have ordered in the dinner. Being a transsexual women and the transition that I have been through is beyond on my anatomical being.  Alright, let me try my best to simplify it for you.

Look if not all then most of us know and admit that we were born with male genitalia. It was the doctor, midwife or whoever was there on my birth date who called me a boy. If only I could speak during that time, I could have said no. From this time we can safely say that part of our society who labeled me a “boy” that contributes to the community’s difficulties in understanding transgender women like me.  As I grew up it has been instilled in my mind that I am a boy and should be doing stuffs for boys. What is their basis to categorise a transsexual woman like me as a boy? As simple as my assigned sex at birth, don’t you think they took advantage of my innocence and just speak on my behalf, labeled me with out even considering who I really want to be? So this is where the confusion starts. Because the people who were there on my birth date had no idea regarding human diversity and gender preferences, though I am not blaming them since it has something to do with culture and the society’s demand that I need to be a boy. And so immediately categorise me as a male identified child. Once again, I have not identified my self as a boy at that that time, obviously my speech ability haven’t developed yet. What they do not know or should I say forgot to consider, is that I have emotions of my own and a mind telling me that I want to be a girl who wants to play with other girls. I turn 7 years old and it both confirm and made me so damn confused about my identity. My heart, my mind were telling me that I want to be a girl, soon to be woman and have boyfriend. But my body said no I am not and pressured by the society’s role assigned to me at birth. See how confusing  and difficult a transgender woman/s life can be. I don’ think we are worthy to be called as freaks. And this is the part that most people do not understand. Our minds, our hearts and our souls didn’t align with the assign sex when we were born. Thus we can say we have never been a boy, though there was that male genitalia when we were born but that is not the basis of what gender identity. Society don’t have the right to give us certain roles at birth that needs to be played for the rest of our lives, other wise freedom shouldn’t be a word.

We have the so called expression but I do not only express my self as a woman but I also identified my self as one. What is between in my legs is surely non of you business. Thus I say I am a transsexual and had never been a boy.